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Enter the Anshun Salt Story House, Travel Through the Corridor of Time and Revisit the Heyday of the Salt Industry
Taiwan's First Salt Production Area Revived in All Its Glory

The Anshun Salt Fields, formerly known as the Anping Salt Fields, were developed by the Taiwan Salt Production Corporation and made up the first salt production industrial zone in Taiwan. Since their establishment over a century ago in the 8th year of the Taishō era (1919), they have witnessed the changes in Taiwan's salt industry and are of particular historical significance.

After ceasing operations, the Anshun Salt Fields still retained a relatively intact salt worker community and settlement. In addition, the salt production site is located within an ecological protection area, so the original site has both industry historical and natural ecological significance. In September 2019, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters allocated and leased some of the unused buildings in the area. After three years of efforts, the Anshun Salt Story House officially opened on December 10, 2022, making it a brand-new venue of education promotion for the Taijiang National Park Headquarters.

Using Ingenious Designs to Tell Tales Through the Story House

The walls of the Story House have detailed texts and photos to offer visitors a glimpse of the salt fields' century-old scenery. If you look up at the ceiling, you can witness creative light fixtures made with boats. Under your feet, you'll find a map made of mosaic tiles, using color blocks to show the planning of "half salt and half nigari harvest" at the time.
In addition to the permanent exhibition in the building complex and detailed explanations by the volunteer tour guides, the Story House also offers educational and fun interactive activities. These include an outdoor reality puzzle game and the Anshun Salt Fields board game experience. Through the game's guidance and instructions, participants work together to solve the puzzle, while the board game allows participants to experience the hardships of salt farm workers in the bygone days.
Follow the Crown Prince on a Tour of Tainan, Dry Salt, and Eat Nigari Tofu Pudding!

In order to bring the public closer to salt field culture, the Taijiang National Park Headquarters has planned a variety of outdoor itineraries, including half-day and full-day tours, environmental education courses (Salt Village Memory), and the Taijiang Holiday Guided Bus Tour (Salt Field Tour Line).
One of the most popular activities is "Touring Tainan with the Crown Prince", which replicates the itinerary of Crown Prince Hirohito in 1923 and arranges a walking tour of Taijiang's cultural history and a salt industry experience for the participants. After experiencing the tour, some people laugh and say, "We're sure that the Crown Prince did not have to roll up his sleeves to dry salt and eat nigari tofu pudding like we did!"
In addition to the Story House, there are also local partner venues such as Tainan Bird Society's adopted Taijiang Bird Ecological Center, the Taijiang Cetacean Museum operated by the Tainan City Government Agriculture Bureau, and the Tainan Salt Friends Care Association. Visitors are able to see rare bird specimens up close, learn about the culture of cetaceans, and see the efforts of our local partners to bring back to life the beauty of the salt fields.
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