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Dept's Operation
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Dept's Operation

Organizational Structure and Vision
Personnel Office
Publish on 2014-09-10

Organizational Structure

(1) The Construction and Planning Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “CPA”) was established on March 2, 1981 from the restructuring of the Department of Construction and Planning, Ministry of the Interior. It is the central government agency overseeing Taiwan’s national land resource planning, use, and management. On July 1, 1999, in accordance with organizational adjustments of the Taiwan Provincial Government, some provincial offices were amalgamated with the CPA. To house the new provincial government staff, the CPA established the Taipei Second Office and the Central Region Office, Ministry of the Interior. It also handled transfer procedures for the former provincial government.

(2) To strengthen organizational functions by integrating the tasks and organization of the CPA and the Taipei Second Office, offices from the two institutions joined on September 1, 2000. Currently, the CPA’s organization (including the Taipei Second Office, Ministry of the Interior) includes 14 divisions: Planning, Urban Planning, National Parks, Public Housing, Building Administration, Public Works, Road Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Building Engineering, Construction, Planning Administration, Management Administration, Land Administration, and Finance Administration; 4 offices: Secretariat, Accounting, Civil Service Ethics, and Personnel; as well as 5 temporary units established for specific tasks: the New Town Construction Division, Urban Regeneration Division, Public Relation Office, Office of Senior Technician, and Information Management Office. To properly carry out project planning, design, and construction tasks, the CPA temporarily established 4 engineering offices established for specific tasks, namely the Northern, Central, and Southern Engineering Offices, and the Sewer Engineering Office. Moreover, to coordinate tasks concerning the Shoushan National Nature Park and various tasks set up by its headquarters, the CPA temporarily established the Shoushan National Nature Park Preparatory Office for specific tasks. There are 4 divisions under the Central Region Office: Construction Management, Urban and Rural Planning, Planning and Review, and Administration Management.

(3) Currently, the CPA has 9 subordinate units, including the headquarters for Kenting National Park, Yushan National Park, Yangmingshan National Park, Taroko National Park, Shei-Pa National Park, Kinmen National Park, Marine National Park and the Urban and Rural Development Branch. In addition, the CPA also handles the administrative duties of 14 of the Ministry of the Interior’s committees temporarily established for specific tasks: the Committee of Regional Plan, Urban Planning Commission, National Park Planning Commission, Architect Disciplinary Review Commission, Building Technology Review Commission, Land Reservation for Public Facilities Procurement Acceleration Coordination and Supervision Commission, Construction and Planning Fund Management Division, Outstanding Architects Award Selection Committee, Building Violations Review Commission, Danhai New Town Special District Plan Urban Design Review Commission, Kaohsiung New Town Special District Plan Urban Design Review Commission, Urban Renewal Promotion Task Force, Coastal Zone Management Review Task Force, and Urban Renewal Dispute Management Commission.

Our Vision

I. Vision: To create high-quality, convenient, safe, and sustainable living environments.

II. The meaning behind our vision:

(1) Quality: Balance regional development and promote urban renewal and urban/rural landscape improvement to create quality living environments.

(2) Convenience: Implement urban planning and promote the construction of storm drains/sewers and roads to create convenient, new living environments.

(3) Safety: Integrate innovative construction management and quality construction technology to pursue a new paradigm for engineering and residential construction of utmost safety.

(4) Sustainable development: Implement national land re-engineering and ecological conservation, and ensure the sustainable usage of national land resources to establish a beautiful and sustainable homeland.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

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