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Handling Appeals
Regulations Governing the Handling of Appeals by the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior

I. In order to effectively handle appeals, these regulations are established by the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior (hereby referred to as the "CPA").

II. All appeals must be carefully handled by units of the CPA in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and the Guidelines for Handling Appeals of the Executive Yuan and Its Subordinate Agencies, under the principles of lawfulness, appropriateness, and fast response.

III. Appeals filed through different channels should be handled separately as follows:

(1) Appeals filed in written form (including email and fax; those sent through the Director General Mailbox will be handled as per their own regulations) should be registered into the Official Document Information System by category at the Mail Room, and then handled separately by different governing units.

(2) For appeals made by phone, the receptionist of the CPA's appeals hotline should transfer the call to a case officer or make a record as soon as possible. Case officers should make a report on how the appeal is handled and notify the monitoring unit when the case has been solved. If the matter of the appeal is not under the jurisdiction of the CPA, case officers should tactfully notify the petitioner, and give them the phone number or other contact method of the correspondent governing authority.

(3) If an appeal is made in person to the CPA, case officers from various units should receive the petitioner in an appropriate location. If necessary, case officers can enlist the help of personnel from relevant units. The responsible unit should make a record of the appeal and submit it to the evaluation unit. When a petitioner makes an appeal in person to the CPA, civil service ethics personnel or security guards can be called to handle the matter together if necessary.

IV. Appeals with any of the following circumstances may be disregarded:

Appeals with any of the following circumstances may be disregarded:

(1) If the appeal does not contain specific content, or if the petitioner did not provide his/her real name or address.

(2) If an appeal is made repeatedly for the same matter despite adequate and clear response.

(3) If the name, address, contact number, or email provided is found to be falsified, anonymous, or untruthful upon verification.

(4) If the petitioner makes appeals regarding the same issue to multiple non-governing authorities.

V. If a unit receives an appeal outside of its jurisdiction, the appeal shall be directly transferred to the proper governing authority. When an appeal concerns two or more units, the receiving unit shall actively coordinate all relevant units to handle the matter.

VI. Appeals are considered specially regulated cases and should be handled as soon as possible, with deadlines set according to the nature of the issue. Deadlines must not exceed 30 days. If an appeal cannot be solved within the stipulated deadline, approval for extension should be sought according to different levels of responsibility, and the petitioner must be notified of the reason for extension in written form.

VII. After case officers of various governing units solve an appeal, they should notify the evaluation unit for the case to be removed from the monitoring list.

VIII. Appeals handled by various units should be archived with "case" as a unit. At the end of the year, the number of appeals, the nature and category of the issues involved, and handling results of that year shall be reviewed and analyzed to produce suggestions for improvement. The analyses and suggestions report shall then be sent to the monitoring unit, compiled, and submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for the Director General and other senior officials to reference.

IX. These regulations shall apply mutatis mutandis to all appeals handled by the subordinate units of the CPA.

X. These regulations shall take effect with the approval and signature of the Director General.

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