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Gangping Barracks Relocated from Sanzhi District and Put to Use as Expected
Northern Branch Urban Infrastructure Construction
The Navy Command Headquarters, Ministry of Defense (NCH) commissioned the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior (CPA) for demolition and construction, with relocation taking place only after completion is completed. After the Ministry of Defense chose the new site for the barracks on Sanzhi District, the CPA and NCH began working on their respective tasks for development and construction in 2012. Currently, the construction has been completed and handed over to the entrusting agency. It will greatly increase the smoothness of tasks related to naval communications.

The CPA commissioned Y.S.L & Partners to design and oversee the construction project, and contracted Yong Xiang Construction after its tender was determined as the most advantageous for heterogeneous procurement. Construction began on May 12, 2018, and was completed smoothly by August 9, 2018. Water and electricity were supplied on August 20, and inspections were completed on September 26. The barracks have been handed over and put to use according to the needs of the entrusting agency on October 15. Tamsui's Gangping Barracks will be subsequently demolished for future development.

Punctuality and Quality Are Achieved Despite Rainy Weather and Sandy Terrain

Sanzhi District strongly experiences the northeast monsoon every November to March, and the construction site is situated atop sandy terrain, resulting in a poor construction environment. While building the structure, workers put up canvases and lay down temporary steel plates on rainy days. Moreover, cut-fill was balanced when the subgrade was sandy to overcome adverse weather and terrain.

Overcoming Floods and Water Accumulation within the Site
Adequate Drainage and Flood Retention Systems to Reduce Impact of Heavy Rains

The project covers an extensive area which is easily flooded. Aside from a 1-meter wide ditch around surrounding roads, the cable trench of the antenna base also has water drainage functions. For both drainage systems, water is drained to the retention basin on the south of the construction site. When necessary, the basin can be emptied into Houcuo Creek outside to reduce the impact on local water drainage.

High-Quality and Uniqueness Compete in Public Construction Golden Quality Awards

Since construction began, this project has been graded with A upon inspection, supervision and spot checks conducted by authorities at all levels. With outstanding design concepts, construction quality, and unique construction work, the project is set to compete in the 19th Public Construction Golden Quality Awards of 2019.
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